We are consistent in our endeavour to make meaningful contributions and introductions to the Travel Industry. In this effort we are proud to be associated with a world class product, Versys Travel, an on line hotel booking system which offers more than 60,000 hotels world wide. We want to make it lucrative and seamless, instant and empowering for the travel agent fraternity. This instigated the b2b portal idea. Now, you can log on and have the freedom and the benefit of patronizing Versys. Versys Newsletter
About Us

About Us

We are a dedicated team of professionals with a passion for travel and we got together in the autumn of 2009 to form Holiday Merchants.

Our core competence is in our excellent negotiated tariffs and quick and efficient reverts. Our dedicated staff ensure that all your queries are addressed and the best possible options are offered to you. Not only do we offer you premeditated itineraries, we also specialize in bespoke travel. HM is one of the best travel agency providing back end solutions to travel trade partners.

We know there are tough demands…timelines…stiff competition…payment procedures…and more. On our part, we want to make the business of travel a pleasure!! We offer the best of global offers in destinations favoured most and also those which are not the ordinary. Excellent outbound packages, series departures, bespoke travel, FIT, Leisure, incentive travel, conference management, visa facilitation, business travel… we cater to all requests.

We rock! We are the best…! But you know what?? It is really not about us. It is about YOU!! It is about what you need. So forgive us while we wax eloquently about ourselves…all we want to do is get down to making your business a pleasure!

We are truly passionate about building strong and lasting relationships. We promise to keep it simple and focus on making it a WOW experience for you and your clients!!

Our mission is to contribute in fulfilling yours and make business a pleasure!